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Home Heating and Electricity from Ammonia

Cheap electricity from stranded wind or from OTEC power can be used to produce ammonia that will be cost competitive with natural gas as an energy source. The deployment of solid-state ammonia synthesis (SSAS) based production will eliminate the need to strip hydrogen from natural gas in order to produce ammonia. and reduce the electric energy required to produce ammonia from water and air by 35 to 50 percent. It will also lower the capital costs and eliminate the need for extreme pressure and temperature in the production process.

Decoupling ammonia production from natural gas and lowering the cost to less than the cost of the same energy content of natural gas will make ammonia an economically attractive fuel source. Coupling the ammonia with fuel cells will enable the ammonia to be used to supply electricity to a house and the heat produced by the fuel cell can be used to heat water and air for use in the house as well. An additional advantage of moving to a fuel source based on renewable energy is the decoupling of the cost of operating a house from the cost of fossil fuels. This will eliminate the price fluctuation caused by changes in the supply and demand of natural gas, petroleum, and coal.