Our Company

The mission of MJM Ocean Industries LLC  is creating sustainable prosperity. The envisioned future will be a world economy that is powered by a sustainable energy supply. A stable, environmentally-benign energy source could support a world-wide middle class lifestyle. To achieve this mission MJMOI is developing technology for extracting energy and raw materials from the wet desert areas of the ocean. Options for achieving this mission includes a diverse collection of lesser known technologies, such as ocean thermal energy conversion, open ocean kelp farming, and molten salt nuclear reactors.   

Our approach to developing a replacement for fossil fuels has been to screen candidate technologies based on the ability to scale to meet world-wide demand. The products we are developing can be mass produce and they can be deployed without the need to acquire land and zoning approval.
Our competitive advantage will come from making the reduction of manufacturing costs and improvements in product quality and performance a top priority of all employees. By establishing a culture of continuous improvement we will be able to rapidly develop more efficient configurations of our product. Our initial product is built entirely out of mature technologies. This approach allows us to be innovative, while limiting the technical risks associated with unproven technology.

Our Vision

MJM Ocean Industries is pioneering a new industry. We are developing an infrastructure that will enable habitation of the wet deserts of the tropical oceans. The social goal is to develop a means to achieve sustainable coexistence with other species. We believe public concern over the current rate of destruction of sensitive habitats will result in a global push to curb continued development of the remaining undeveloped natural environments. Developing an environmentally benign alternative for human habitation will allow sustainable growth and prosperity to continue while reversing the damaging practices of destroying natural habitats of other species on the planet.

We believe sustainable prosperity is possible through engineering. Very large energy savings are possible without the need to make quality of life sacrifices. For instance, air conditioning costs based on the use of cold deep ocean water costs is ten times more energy efficient than freon based air conditioning. Another example of engineering prosperity would be the creation of new artificial fisheries in what is otherwise a wet desert. This can be done by releasing the nutrient rich ocean cold water from some of the OTEC plantships at the surface of the ocean.

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